Friday, April 24, 2009

Listening to The Cure, thinkng about old friends from years past...

Listening to The Cure's "Faith" was an integral part of my middle school years; it was music that my best friend Rick and I mutually agreed was the soundtrack to something wonderful. The tones and sounds of "Faith" remind me of going to sleep at night as the c.d. played on repeat... only to wake up hours later with the album still sending forth its frosty greyness deep within my brain. I cherish those years of my friend's silliness and our friendship as relics of an innocent time that has floated away into the mist of youth. This must be why God gave us memories: so we can hold on to the greatest of times and relive them when we close our eyes.

Wherever you are Richard Charles Greenley, your friend misses you and hopes that you have found happiness! God bless you!
The purpose of this blog will be, intially, to move units of my book, For the Protection of Divine Providence.

However, I would like to make this blog into a place where conservative and/ or Christian writers, those who have not yet been able to land an agent or a publishing deal, to submit their work for the world to read.

During my exploits into the world of literary agents, publishers, et c., I have found that conservative minded fiction is a greatly under-represented genre of writing.

That being said, I have written a novel about a fictional rebellion fueled by conservative loathing and hatred of liberal ideals, lack of morality, and otherwise unChristian behavior. If you happen to be reading this blog, you know that 2009 will go down as the year the liberals crushed the American spirit; my novel is a brief moment of vacation for those who have chugged the socialist/ communist Kool-Aid that is the Obama-nation.

You can read the first twelve pages of the novel at:

It is also available for purchase through the site.

If you are a conservative or Christian writer of fiction, poetry, and/or short stories, please e-mail me at If your work is scintillating and interesting, I have no problem doing a banner trade with you, a hyperlink trade, or, if you're really desperate, offering you space on my blog for you to post your work!

We conservatives must stick together if we are to live a sane existence for the next four years.